Activité: Wood / Paper / Textiles / Leather


Envie de sentir, toucher, écouter le bois se transformer en escalier sous vos yeux ? De découvrir l’histoire d’un escalier jusqu’à son installation ? En 2016, l’entreprise TECABOIS a fêté ses 30 ans et vous accueille à Landemont, dans le Maine et Loire. Lors de la visite, vous rencontrerez 30 passionnés conjuguant savoir-faire manuel et […]

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Royal Mer – Made in France ready-to-wear

[/caption]Royal Mer, a Made in France brand of ready-to-wear apparel since 1976, welcomes you to its production workshop, located a few minutes away from Vallet. Come for a look behind the scenes at artisanal expertise in high-quality French knitwear, which the men and women of Royal Mer pass along to one another and enrich over […]

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As a manufacturer and distributor of bedding “Made in France” for the past 70 years, we want to share with you how we create the products that give everyone the sense of well-being that they deserve. When you think that we spend an average of 25 years of our lives asleep, you realize how important […]

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Goubault Imprimeur

It may be the oldest printing works in the Nantes region, this company is still at the cutting edge of technology, in terms of its equipment. It is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The company has also received PEFC and FSC certification for the wood/paper industry, thanks to its waste management and its use […]

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