Activité: Recycling / Environment

Salamandre – Sivert Est Anjou

By recovering 100,000 tons of household waste every year, Salamandre’s Energy Recovery Unit in Lasse produces 60,000 Mwh of electricity, equivalent to the power used by a city the size of Saumur. The three-story tour raises visitors’ awareness to concepts related to sustainable development and energy management (both renewable and classic energies). In this way, […]

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Arc en Ciel

Arc en Ciel offers a complete household and common industrial waste management service for the Urban Community of Nantes. With its open, transparent architecture, it receives more than 10,000 visitors every year. The visitors are welcomed by a guide specially trained on Arc en Ciel’s different functions. First, you will receive theoretical information in the […]

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Alcea – Waste recovery and treatment

The operator of Alcea’s waste recovery and treatment center since October 2012, Séché Environnement is a vital link in the waste management chain, serving the 600,000 inhabitants of the Greater Nantes urban area. The plant accommodates three types of waste: household waste, non-hazardous industrial waste and medical waste. Discover the passion of these women and […]

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