Chocolatier Sablais

Tastes / Fine Dining
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14 rue Clément Ader / Z I Les FRUCHARDIERES, 85380, Olonne sur Mer


During a one-hour guided tour, you will learn all about the world of chocolate, through the company’s different functions: making and coating candy, creating chocolate molds, confectionery work, cookie-making and the production of butter cookies.



Tour period :Only in July and August and during other school holiday periods
Tour times :Tuesday to Friday, tours start at 10:00 and 11:00
Individuals / groups :Individuals and groups
Guided / self-guided tours :Guided (length: 1h)
Advance reservations :Required, can be made at the gift shop on-site or at the Pays des Olonnes Tourist Office
Tour prices :€5/adult
€2/child (under age 12)
Tour languages :French only
Access for people with disabilities :Accessible by people with motor impairments