Visitez Nos Entreprises en Pays de la Loire Association


Company tours have now naturally supplemented the traditional tourist attractions.

This is a strategy that gives the general public access to both ancestral know-how and new, still little-known professions, but that also helps them to better understand manufacturing processes and the role played by companies in their regions.

Company tours attract more than 13 million visitors each year in France (source: Atout France).



Along the western part of the Loire River, Visitez Nos Entreprises en Pays de la Loire supports regional businesses in opening their doors to the public.

Founded in 2001, the association aims to develop company tours as a tourist activity, in and of itself.

Today, some 50 Ligerian companies are members of the regional network.

    • Guide companies that have already opened their doors to the public, or that are planning to do so, in professionalizing and developing a regular corporate tour activity;
    • Organize exchanges between the different members of the association, with the aim of creating a cooperative network through which each member’s experiences and progress can be shared;
    • Present and promote regional expertise and also explain a number of associated professions to the general public and to young people, in particular, who represent the employees and entrepreneurs of tomorrow;
  • Structure and contribute to the development of economic tourism, by working with all of the players in the world of tourism and by showcasing its benefits to the sphere of influence of the Pays de la Loire Region.

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Our ex-officio members:

La Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Région Pays de la Loire – La Région des Pays de La Loire

Our associated partners:

Le Voyage à Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Agglomération Tourisme – Office du Tourisme du Vignoble de Nantes – Office du Tourisme du Pays de Saint-Gilles Croix de Vie – Office de Tourisme Une Autre Loire – Atlanbois – Mission Métiers d’Art Pays de la Loire – My Appy Tours